Nighthawk Books

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Nighthawk Books is a Bowker listed publisher currently focused on literary mysteries and thrillers with romance elements by LGBT writers. Scholarly books pertaining to women's issues written by academics or qualified professionals will also be considered, especially books addressing economic injustice, patriarchal religion, or sex trafficking. Nighthawk now publishes poetry by invitation only.

Beth Houston is the press's editor.

Please send a brief query letter about your completed book and a short bio. You will receive notification within six weeks (usually much sooner) if Nighthawk is interested in reading a longer synopsis or seeing your completed book. If you don't hear back within six weeks, consider it a pass, which might not be due to a lack of interest but rather to limited staff resources.

Please send your query/bio in the body of a single email with "query, [Book Title], [your full name]" as the subject heading. For the sake of the editor's security and sanity, emails containing attachments, links, images, or more than the requested query/bio will be discarded without being read. Books are accepted essentially as-is, so be sure your work is polished before submitting. An unpolished query suggests an unpolished book.

Thank you for considering Nighthawk Books.
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